WINTEC at Chinaplas 2018

Changzhou/China – March 2018

At the Chinaplas 2018 from April 24 to 27 in Shanghai, China, WINTEC– member of the ENGEL group of companies – will demonstrate with two machine exhibits how high quality can be combined with cost effectiveness and energy efficiency for the most varied requirements of standard applications. WINTEC has hydraulic as well as all-electric injection moulding machines in its product line and covers a broad spectrum of applications.

With a focus on productivity, quality and energy efficiency, WINTEC builds injection moulding machines in Changzhou, China, that are tailored to the requirements of the standard market. WINTEC machines are preferably used for high-volume, single-component injection moulding, which may not require any special technologies, yet still places high demands on quality and process consistency.

t-win: High degree of energy efficiency and sensitive mould protection

The hydraulic injection moulding machines of the t-win series are offered with clamping forces from 4,500 to 17,500 kN, and are thus ideal for the production of large or three-dimensionally complex components. During Chinaplas, a t-win 10500-7000 injection moulding machine with a clamping force of 10,500 kN will impressively demonstrate the performance of the series with the production of automotive interior door panels from polypropylene. The shot weight is 650 grams, each cycle takes 30 seconds.


Even in the standard version, the t-win machines are equipped with the servowin servo-hydraulics, which reduces energy consumption by more than 60 percent as compared to conventional hydraulic injection moulding machines. Additional factors that contribute to a high degree of energy efficiency are the operating point optimisation and the dual-platen design of the clamping unit with low moving masses and exposed tie-bars. The linear guidance of the movable mould mounting platen reduces friction and keeps the mould area free of lubricating oil.

The dual-platen clamping unit was developed in Europe and guarantees maximum platen parallelism throughout the machine’s service life, which results in sensitive mould protection, excellent dynamics and short dry cycle times. Parallel auxiliary movements such as the ejector, core pulls, or jets, are optional possibilities.

The C2 control installed on all WINTEC injection moulding machines is characterised by an intuitive operator guidance that reduces the risk of operator errors. The entire machine status is displayed on a clear-cut single screen. A quick adjustment page groups the most important setting parameters in a compact way.

In addition, the C2 offers ample flexibility in terms of connecting robots of various types and brands. As a member of the ENGEL Group, WINTEC is in a position to deliver integrated production cells from a single source, with robots developed and produced in-house. The t-win 10500-7000 at Chinaplas is equipped with a viper 20 from ENGEL’s linear robot series. The viper removes finished parts from the mould and places them on the conveyor belt.

All-electric e-win for high precision and process consistency

In the injection moulding machines of the e-win series, all machine movements are performed servo-electrically. The high precision of movements ensures stable processes and a consistently high component quality, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment. WINTEC enables processors to get involved in all-electric injection moulding technology at no risk and keep pace with the trend towards ever higher production quality.

The machines also allow for shorter cycle times. These are achieved by the parallel movements of the drive axles as well as the high acceleration, up to 22 m/s², of the injection axle. Additional factors relevant to efficiency are the low power consumption and the compact design.

At the Chinaplas, an e-win 1000-170 with a clamping force of 1,000 kN will be used to produce pump heads from fibre-glass filled PPS. These geometrically challenging parts, which are used in air conditioning systems in the car, will be removed from the mould by an ENGEL e-pic robot. This pick-and-place robot – like the viper, a product of the company group – combines linear movements with a swivel arm, and therefore does not require much space. The swivel arm is made of a composite lightweight material, which additionally increases the energy efficiency and dynamics.

Rapid on-site service for high availability

WINTEC machines are designed and developed in Europe and produced in China. Opened in 2014, the plant in Changzhou is tied into the global quality management of the ENGEL Group. Accordingly, the same strict quality standards apply there as in all ENGEL plants worldwide.

In addition to quality, service performance is decisive with respect to the availability of the injection moulding machines. WINTEC is therefore continuously expanding its service network and operates spare parts warehouses in various sales regions.

WINTEC at Chinaplas 2018: Hall 5.1, Booth E71